Computational Fluid Dynamics

Allovis offers a complete CFD design service on processes and systems, using physical and fluid-dynamic know-how gained through a large series of numerical-experimental activities, that have refined methods and models over the years.

Main CFD skills:

  • Internal Arodinamics aimed at evaluating climate-comfort
  • Study and optimization of flows of ventilation surfaces
  • Multi-phase systems with porous time-varying means
  • Energy optimization
  • Fluid dynamics characterization of components and creation of response surfaces
  • Transient flows with MRF domains or rotating meshes
  • Thermal models with solid and fluid domains
  • Air-acoustical analysis

The experimental integration Allovis has always applied to all numerical modeling activities, using its own equipment, drastically reduces risk of errors during boundary conditions set-up .

“In modeling, a measure is always better than a hypothesis”

Allovis uses both commercial and open-sourse CFD codes according to customer needs: using open-source codes integrated with experimental validation, however, allows best results in terms of calculation scalability, properties customization and reduction of management costs.

Railway aerodynamics

Main CFD knowledge on railway application:

  • External aerodynamics of roof-mounted or below car, using SS or LS models
  • Internal aerodynamics of air ducts for both driving and passengers cars
  • Driving and passengers car thermal analysis
  • HVAC performance dependig on speed
  • Support’s models for HVAC control

Railway CFD services

CFD automotive

Main CFD knowledge on automotive application:

  • HVAC internal aerodynamics
  • Air flow evaluation and characteristic curves 
  • Thermal simulation

CFD for manufacturing

Manufactoring and foods applications with dendeair, gases and particulates:

  • Filters 
  • Ejector 
  • Distribution’s ducts
  • Filling-voiding transients