Computational Fluid Dynamics

Allovis offers a complete CFD design service on processes and systems, using physical and fluid-dynamic know-how gained through a large series of numerical-experimental activities, that have refined methods and models over the years.

Main CFD skills:

  • Internal Arodinamics aimed at evaluating climate-comfort
  • Study and optimization of flows of ventilation surfaces
  • Multi-phase systems with porous time-varying means
  • Energy optimization
  • Fluid dynamics characterization of components and creation of response surfaces
  • Transient flows with MRF domains or rotating meshes
  • Thermal models with solid and fluid domains
  • Air-acoustical analysis

The experimental integration Allovis has always applied to all numerical modeling activities, using its own equipment, drastically reduces risk of errors during boundary conditions set-up .

“In modeling, a measure is always better than a hypothesis”

Allovis uses both commercial and open-sourse CFD codes according to customer needs: using open-source codes integrated with experimental validation, however, allows best results in terms of calculation scalability, properties customization and reduction of management costs.

Pointwise & OpenFoam, successfull synergy

User friendly and full of all tool you may need, Pointwise aloow you to organize and design the most complex mesh with ease, ready tobe analysed by any solver whether payware or freeware such as OpenFOAM.

OpenFOAM is a free and open-source  code developed in C++ expecially for CFD simulations.  OpenFoam contains a wide range of solvers for every CFD situation and a plugin to visualize mesh and solutions in ParaView.

Railway aerodynamics

Main CFD knowledge on railway application:

  • External aerodynamics of roof-mounted or below car, using SS or LS models
  • Internal aerodynamics of air ducts for both driving and passengers cars
  • Driving and passengers car thermal analysis
  • HVAC performance dependig on speed
  • Support’s models for HVAC control

Railway CFD services

CFD automotive

Main CFD knowledge on automotive application:

  • HVAC internal aerodynamics
  • Air flow evaluation and characteristic curves 
  • Thermal simulation

CFD for manufacturing

Manufactoring and foods applications with dendeair, gases and particulates:

  • Filters 
  • Ejector 
  • Distribution’s ducts
  • Filling-voiding transients