PointwiseBe smarter, mesh smarter

Pointwise is a meshing software specialized in CFD applications. It covers all aspects of preprocessing, from geometries import  to meshes export  directly whit the proper format of the final solver.

High quality grids can be created quickly, intuitively and eventually through script programming. The high quality of meshes significantly improves convergence and accuracy of solvers



The perfect ally for your open-source solver

Once the mesh is completed, Pointwise users can export it and its boundary conditions to their preferred CFD solver format. Interfaces are available for more than 50 different formats. Pointwise provides a user-friendly interface that facilitates the management of both the meshing and the export process, making it quick and comprehensive. Would you like an example? Let’s consider the OpenFOAM solver. Pointwise directly generates the polyMesh folder and all the needed files and subfolders inside it.

For each application, its mesh!

Pointwise can generate multiblock, structured, unstructured, overset, high-order and hybrid meshes, also using the anisotropic tetrahedral extrusion (T-Rex) technique, in-house developed for the highly automated generation of hybrid meshes for accurate resolution of boundary layers. Pointwise includes the following features:

  • management, cleaning and editing of geometries;
  • automatic refinement and adaptation of meshes;
  • quality verification and monitoring;
  • precise control of grid points and clustering;
  • automation and customization (scripting and macros).

Pointwise team is always ready to support customers in order to minimize their learning times and improve their meshing experience. The software house produces a large amount of material that is available on the web to discover the software features.

Visit the website of the software house Pointwise, Inc. to learn more about it.

Pointwise CAE software