Finite Element Analysis

Numerical analysis of mechanical structures with finite element methods (FEM), our experiences are about prevention and solution of probles due to many aspects of mechanical design, generally working on complex simulation that needs to be study through diffetern point of view.

  • Modal analysis to study natural frequencies of mechanical system during design of components submitted to defined duty cycle.
  • Frequency response analysis to evaluate stress and strain, submitted to variable loads.
  • Transient analysis to investigate causes and finding solutions to structural problems on complex systems, difficultly identifiable without numerical simulation
  • Thermo-structural analysis, combination of different analysis  to study mechanical system involved in industrial process using heat.
  • Fatigue life analysis, duty cycle and life study through proprietary code on open source software.

Structural analysis for fatigue evaluation

FEM structural analysis for the evaluation of the fatigue life of welding of rotating structures. Fatigue verification was performed using an internally developed AESlife fatigue code.

Structural analysis of frames on support of production lines

Nonlinear dynamic structural and structural analyzes for the transport condition of modular frames to support production lines.