Retailing and technical support

Allovi is official dealer for Italy and offer technical support for several CAE software. Click on logos to get technical help or infortmations about software capabilities.




Software development and customization for engineering

Allovis has a consolidated experience in developing software for CAE applications according to customer specifications.

These applications, made to automate and optimise processes and methodologies, can involve CFD, FEM or MB solvers. The aim of this approach is to make customer autonomous in some parts of CAE process, by providing user-frendly codes with a high content of added value.

Fields of application of the Allovis codes are many: from solution and optimization of fluid networks to the sizing and verification of dynamic systems.

  • 1D fluid network with optimizer
  • thermo-structural shafts sizing
  • climate-comfort modeling according to ASHARE regulations
  • sizing for manipulators with MB model
  • fatigue-life prediction according to Eurocode legislation
  • data acquisition
  • risk assessment
  • test benches management

Platforms usually used are Unix, Linux and MS-Windows, with programming language like C ++, C, VB, Modellica, Octave.

AES-AirFlowMeter software

Data logging software developed for the acquisition and complex processing of data from National Instruments cDaq board.

AES-life software

Fatigue evaluation code of mechanical parts based on FEM.