RecurdynBe dynamic, use dynamics

Recurdyn is a CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) software for multibody dynamic simulations. What does it mean?

Starting from your 3D modeled components, or their simplifications, you will be able to simulate the interactions between the parts during operation in final configuration.

Recurdyn multibody dynamic gears simulation


Recurdyn fits your needs

Recurdyn has a wide range application possibilities: you can verify a simple kinematics in a few steps by entering only geometric simplifications and movement information and then, adding data and characteristics of your components, you can arrive at an accurate simulation very close to reality.

You may decide the level of complexity of your model according to the design phase you are in, from the initial design in which you need quick answers, to the final verification of a complex system.

Recurdyn is able to support the user step by step during the refinement of his model, such as the management of flexible bodies into the dynamic system.  With Recurdyn you can follow all aspects of the mesh generation, that the software control everything internally, giving you the certainty that everything works in the best way without problems of imports between different software.


Special tools

In addition to the powerful functionality of managing flexible bodies with finite element method (FEM), Recurdyn offers many tools for the management of commonly used components and behaviors in the field of mechanical design, just to name a few:

  • bearings
  • spring/damper systems
  • gears
  • hertzian’s contact

Recurdyn is the right instruments to enter the world of dynamic simulations. With Recurdyn you will take full advantage of multibody dynamics field capabilities, which is now becoming a standard in mechanical design.



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