On field activities

Experimental activities are direct consequences of our focus on numerical simulations, in fact not all our customers had the opportunity to provide us the required boundary conditions, and that’ss why we started developing our testing equipment.

From these bases we began to do purely testing orders, with relevant results in  analysis of passenger’s comfort in the railway sector, with orders both in Europe and in the world.

Other testing field in which we work are the study of air flow and gas concentrations, and we would be happy to enlarge our know-how with the design of experimental surveys in other fields, to meet customers needings and always providing “turnkey” services and  consultancies.

R1234yf concentration test for automotive application, SAE 2772:2011

Refrigerant gas concentration test of small leakage, following SAE J2772  02/2011 “Measurement of passenger compartment refrigerant Concentrations under system refrigerant leakage conditions”.

HVAC performance and passsenger confort test on railway application

Climate/confort test to evaluate HVAC performance on passenger’s and driver’s car.

  • Summer performance surveys ( temperature, humidity)
  • HVAC characteristic curve
  • Passenger’s thermic loads
  • Cars pressurization


  • EN 13129-1:2003: “Railway applications – Air conditioning
    for main line rolling stock” – Confort parameters & Type test
  • EN 14750-1:2006: “Railway applications – Air conditioning
    for urban and suburban rolling stock” – Confort parameters & Type test
  • EN 14813-1:2006: “Railway Applications – Air conditioning for driving cabs “- Confort parameters & Type test
  • ASHRAE “Summer and Winter Confort Zone“, ASHRAE Handbook