Our equipment, just for you

Besides providing a complete testing service (standards study, sensors layout, data logging and postprocessing), Allovis proposes to qualified technicians the rental service of our acquisition systems .

Our modules are ready to use, build for acquisition trough ethernet wire or WiFi, with 12V power supply or battery, and assembled with reliable National Instrument components.

Ready for any journey, our instrumentation was made with robust cable, threaded connectors and assembled in durable resin cases.

Temperature probe

Temperature acquisition module, 10 kit with 8 channel, each composed of:

  • PT100 1/10 DIN probe, stainless steel AISI 304 cockpit
  • 10 metres, silicone cable
  • threaded connectors
  • battery or 12 V power subbly, with EU or US plug
  • data logging troguh ethernet wire o wifi
  • shielded ethernet up to 25 metres
  • data logging software developed by Allovis

Pressure and relative humidity

Differential pressure module, 4 channel:

  • Sensor with various range (0-100 Pa, 0-1000 Pa, 0-2500 Pa, -350/+50 mbar)
  • threaded connectors
  • 2  metres cable
  • signal’s extension cable
  • reference pressure tube

Relative humidity & temperature module, 4 channel:

  • 0 – 100 % rH
  • -40 / +60 °C
  • threaded connectors
  • 2  metres cable
  • signal’s extension cable

Others instruments

TESTO® instruments:

  • velocity, turbulence and airflow sensors
  • differential and absolute pressure
  • temperature and relative humidity
  • Class 1 phonometer with FFT function

Refrigerant gas equipment:

  • R1234yf concentration sensors
  • mass flow controller for very small leakage simulation (0.03 grams per second)
  • portable piping leak detector with acoustic warnigs

Articulated mannequins, scale 1:1, 75 liters volume