Quality policy

Allovis implements a quality policy focused on customer and aims to understarnd its needs, planning activities and adapting our approach to satisfy them; we aim to continually improving the efficiency of our processes and activities in order to maximize the added value actually brought to the customer.

So our quality policy, isn’t aimed only to coduct all activities in compliance with specifications and requirements defined by customer, but in addition to guide him to chose the best path to improve results and maximize the efficiency of our engineering consultancy.

We consider confidentiality an essential part of our services, trust between consultant and customer is mandatory and in the end, reflect in a better consultancy activity. Allovis select customers to guarante secrecy of information shared during previous consultancy activities.

Strong point to guarantee maximum quality of our work, is the continuous improvement trhough personnel’s training and development, ensuring everyone really care about implementation of Quality Policy.

Quality goals

  • Systematic and continuous increase of added value in our engineering consultant activities.
  • Observance of arranged activity plan
  • Ability to cushion and facing customer’s aims changing during activities.
  • Planning and management through an ERP cloud platform, accessible by customers to follows works progress


Allovis frequently works with a relationship of trust and, in case of very specialist sector,  exclusivity. In engineering’s consultancy sector, working with R&D departements means the ability to ensure secrecy.

Engineering services requirements

Company’s internal procedures are mainly developed for verification and sizing activities using numerical and experimental methods.

In those case, Allovis proposes to customers the following steps:

  • Preparation of activity’s preliminary technical specification, definig:
    • Process/product requirements (both mandatory and optional) –  RTP
    • Possible failure mode – FM
    • Process/product optimum – Goal
    • Hypothesis
    • Verification’s criteria definition – VC
    • Recapitulatory table of system’s condition and analisys (with RTP, FM, Goal and VC)
    • Activity’s risk analysis (possible problems that could occours during analysis and related solutions )
    • Resouces planning and milestones definitions
  • Data collection, best-practices, standard’s study
  • Preliminary numerical models creations and final calculation time estimation (expecially for CFD analysis)
  • Technical specifications updating, intermediates documents on activities progress, customer meeting
  • Numerical models refining and final analysis
  • Results presentation meeting
  • Final report

In case of experimental/testin activies, AES proposes to customer the following steps:

  • Preparation of activity’s preliminary testing specification, definig:
    • Input variable description – VarIn
    • Test target – Goal
    • Hypoteshis
    • Equipment, accuracy and calibration documents
    • Sensors or bench test layout
    • Test plan
  • Equipment and instrument preparation
  • Development and customization of acquisition’s software
  • Testing activity
  • Final report


  • UNI EN ISO 9001:2015