Allovis has a decade-long experience in organizing and conducting experimental tests to evaluate the performance and climate-comfort characteristic parameters for HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) systems in both the railway and automotive sectors.

Test su veicoli e mock-up ferroviari

  • Conducting tests in climatic chambers or on-track.
  • Turnkey  railway climate-comfort tests with control tuning and validation (in compliance with standards EN14750, EN 13129, EN14813).
  • Specialized technical support for tests in climatic chambers.
  • Measurements of airflows, velocity, turbulence, and pressure.
  • Temperature measurements, using probes and thermography.
  • Measurement of noise and vibrations induced by HVAC systems.
  • Measurement of electrical power consumption.
  • Simulation of refrigerant gas leaks and assessment of concentrations for risk analysis (EN 378).
  • Design and construction of full-scale mock-ups of ducts, HVAC units, and vehicles.


  • EN 13129-1:2003: “Railway applications – Air conditioning
    for main line rolling stock” – Confort parameters & Type test
  • EN 14750-1:2006: “Railway applications – Air conditioning
    for urban and suburban rolling stock” – Confort parameters & Type test
  • EN 14813-1:2006: “Railway Applications – Air conditioning for driving cabs “- Confort parameters & Type test
  • EN 378-1:2021: “Refrigerating systems and heat pumps – Safety and environmental requirements”
  • ASHRAE “Summer and Winter Confort Zone“, ASHRAE Handbook

Test settore automotive

Performance evaluation and HVAC system tuning for achieving ideal climate comfort.

Refrigerant gas concentration testing according to SAE 2772:2011 “Measurement of passenger compartment refrigerant Concentrations under system refrigerant leakage conditions”, simulazione  small leakage e raccolta dati per analisi CFD.