Allovis distinguishes itself through its extensive portfolio of projects supporting R&D departments, integrating multidisciplinary expertise acquired and consolidated over the years.

One of our distinctive competencies is the development of new methodologies, both numerical and experimental, aimed at advancing innovation in the field of engineering and addressing needs that have not yet found a solution in the market. This includes the development of innovative algorithms and numerical codes supported by the integration of numerical and experimental approaches to maximize the effectiveness of our analyses.

Our expertise covers all stages of R&D department developments: from assessing the technical feasibility of complex projects to training and knowledge transfer regarding the newly developed processes.

Additionally, we offer services for physical and empirical modeling of materials, as well as detailed cost-benefit analyses to support the design and implementation of turnkey experimental benches.

Some examples of our research and development activities include:

  • Experimental characterization of materials and components to support FEM (Finite Element Method) numerical modeling
  • Measurements and experimental characterizations for the validation of CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) models
  • Vibration and acceleration measurements to support MBD (Multi Body Dynamics) numerical modeling
  • Concept, design, and supply of benches and laboratory equipment for material testing
  • Development of Digital Twin models of processes supported by numerical models and experimental tests
  • Development of cause-effect analysis methodologies (noise sources, vibrations)
  • Software development for the design and simulation of new production processes