Allovis managed hundreds of successful CAE (Computer-Aided Engineering) consultancy projects, spanning CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) fluid dynamics, FEM (Finite Element Method) structural simulations and MB (Multibody Dynamics) kineto-dynamics. Numerical modeling and simulation bring crucial advantages,
including accurate product performance prediction, reduced development times, design optimization,
and detailed simulations. This enables the resolution of complex engineering challenges pre-production,
enhancing efficiency and process safety.

Structural FEM

Software: Nastran ® , Abaqus ®

  • Static, linear, and non-linear structural analyses
  • Dynamic analyses (modal, FRF, transient, shock & vibration)
  • Thermal, thermo-structural, and fatigue analyses
  • Composite and hyperelastic materials, experimentally characterized in our laboratory

Fluidodinamica CFD

Software: Ansys ® , OpenFoam ®

  • External and internal aerodynamics
  • Climate-comfort analysis
  • Coupling with custom solver
  • Fluid network simulation

Cinetodinamica MB

Software: Recurdyn ® , Simpack ®

  • Analysis of dynamic behavior in fast automatic machines
  • Stiffness and damping optimization
  • Design and optimization of motion laws, mechanical and electronic cam design
  • Multi-physics simulations with control, predictive analysis, and digital twin models