AllovisAbout us

Allovis was founded in 2010 in Turin with the aim of creating an engineering consulting company whose ultimate goal is the quality and effectiveness of the work carried out, which is reflected in customer satisfaction. 

This approach is possible thanks to our multi-disciplinary and practical experience, as we believe that even the best simulation is useless if the problem is badly set or the starting data are wrong. We will never provide results without asking ourselves if the task you required us can really solve your problem, this is the main difference from other consultant companies.

That’s why from a pure numerical approach our services evolved into testing, as a better way to get correct data for your numerical models knowing exactly in which conditions they were obtained.

Engineers for passion and vocation, we aspire to handle a complex problem to test our skills and competences with.

In July 2018, we decided to test our inner company procedures in order to guarantee  work’s quality and standardisation, obtaining the ISO 9001:2015 Certification