Experimental campaigns and data collection for numerical simulations cannot be successful without the development of benches or prototypes that ensure reliability and repeatability of tests. Thanks to our consolidated experience in both experimental and numerical fields, we are able to accurately identify desired objectives and develop the best solutions in terms of quality and promptness.

Our expertise in the design and construction of test benches and prototypes, combined with our integrated approach that merges experimental and numerical experience, ensures the development of effective solutions to meet customer needs. We believe that complex engineering challenges, requiring the use of test benches and prototypes, should be addressed with high-quality solutions, maximum effectiveness, and long-term ease of use.

From the development of benches for defining mechanical characteristics to the construction of mockups of entire railway carriages, Allovis demonstrates its ability to manage a wide range of sectors with stringent requirements, both in terms of size and environmental requirements (food, pharmaceutical, explosion risks).

Some examples of projects we have developed:

  • Custom test benches tailored to meet specific requirements for onboard use in the food and pharmaceutical sectors
  • Use of image recognition techniques to evaluate product characteristics
  • Investigation of mechanical characteristics of food products
  • Analysis of mechanical characteristics of highly non-linear materials in relation to temperature variations
  • Production of prototypes of various sizes to evaluate gas diffusion