Through the normal user interface of Recurdyn, it’s very easy to create and set-up  contact between 2 bodies, A and B, taking a couple of minutes, changing the default parameters and some properties. What if  were necessary to add the interaction with a third body C? No problem, it would take two minutes for the contact between C and A, and another two for the one between C and B.

Bodies=3 Contacts=3


Ten bodies? It would be 45 contacts, it’s a long and boring job but it can be done. Ok, what if someone asked you to set up a simulation with 50 bodies interacting with each other? If each body can come into contact with all the others, we would have to set 1225 contacts (summation for n from 2 to 50 of n-1) which, counting 2 minutes each, would amount to 40 hours and 51 minutes, a whole work week  without counting mistakes, pauses and the almost certain nervous breakdown.


Bodies=10 Contacts=45
Bodies=50 Contacts=1225


We imagined this situation applied to the simulation of a handful of  “Tonda Gentile del Piemonte” ( a variety of hazelnut tha grown here in Piedmont)  that passes through a hopper and a vibrating plate to divide them according to the size.


So here is the video of the “Hazelnut paradise” project, in the coming weeks we will introduce you to the characteristics of our interface and the RecurDyn tools we used.